We're Leaders in Blockchain Industry Infrastructure

The Crypto Company and its subsidiaries aim to support the blockchain industry’s various needs by overcoming obstacles that are hindering worldwide blockchain adoption.

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What We Do

Mining Operations

In March 2022, we acquired 215 cryptocurrency miners that will be operating partially air cooled and partially in immersion cooling technology, which dramatically reduces energy consumption, lowers electricity costs and contributes to a future where we rely on Bitcoin mining to become more energy efficient.

Blockchain Education

Wholly-owned subsidiary, Blockchain Training Alliance (aka BTA), is a premier US-based blockchain training and education organization for Web3 professionals. They’ve trained teams at many of the world’s most prestigious companies, like Microsoft, Cisco, Citibank, Deloitte, and Disney (to name a few).

Blockchain consulting

We leverage our expansive network of blockchain consultants and innovators to help guide companies in their blockchain solutions. Simply put, we evaluate a companies vision, evaluate various protocol options, and devise an implementation plan. We call this service Blockchain Solutions Design.

Blockchain Training Alliance

To date, BTA has trained over 150,000 students in 72 countries online. BTA’s blockchain certifications are globally recognized by the industry as credible and valuable additions to any resume. Professionals looking to land a high paying job should strongly consider enrolling in a blockchain certification prep course before taking the online certification exam.

Mining Operations

Through a newly announced agreement, TCC operates 20 miners 

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The Crypto Company (TCC) trades on the OTC QB market under the symbol CRCW

Our Leadership

TCC is lead by some of the industry’s most renowned experts working to bring blockchain to the mass adoption.

Ron Levy

Founder and CEO

Amy Alonso

Operations Manager

Melissa Richardson

Chief Operating Officer (BTA)

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Chief Learning Officer (BTA)

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