The future will be powered by truth, not only trust.

As one of the first public companies in the blockchain sector (OTC: CRCW), we are proud to comply with even higher standards of accountability and governance. Our mission is to build, grow and guide how institutions, entrepreneurs and investors can seamlessly enable a bold new world of blockchain-powered truth, trust and prosperity.

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The Crypto Company is proud to be partners with Pepperdine University

We are proud to support Pepperdine University’s initiatives in their cutting edge development of Blockchain education spanning conferences, curriculum, certificates and collaboratories.


215 Mining Rigs

In March 2022, TCC acquired 215 cryptocurrency miners that will be operating with partially air cooled and partially immersion cooling technology, which substantially improves energy efficiency.


A wholly owned subsidiary of The Crypto Company

Blockchain Training Alliance is arguably the #1 blockchain training company in the world. Amongst other, BTA has trained Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Northrop Grumman, Ernst and Young, Merck, DHL, Deloitte and many more. BTA has also trained and certified hundreds of individuals in different aspects of blockchain. As blockchain migrates its way into most industries, BTA anticipates commiserate growth.

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We're held to even higher standards

As one of the first public companies in the blockchain sector, we provide thought leadership and enterprise blockchain solutions while complying with the same laws and regulations required for traditional public markets.

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