The Crypto Company (TCC)  was one of the first publicly traded technology companies in the digital currency and blockchain sectors. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA), is a global leader in training courses and consulting services focused on conveying the underlying technology of blockchain to individuals, institutions, and large-scale organizations. Having consulted with global institutions, organizations, corporations and individuals, BTA offers personalized training and educational services to thousands worldwide. Beyond its currently operating assets, the portfolio continues to seek expansion opportunities in the blockchain space — where it can leverage its early mover advantage to serve as a foundational operator providing infrastructure to the space.

Press Releases

The Crypto Company Expands Sales Team

NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – The Crypto Company (OTC:CRCW), Blockchain training and educational company initiates an expansion of its sales team. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Blockchain Training Alliance, the company plans...

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The TCC Opportunity 

While blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become household discussion topics, true understanding of the emerging technology remains extremely limited. For example, research shows that of American adults have heard of Bitcoin, while  of surveyed people didn’t understand basic concepts about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. (Source/Source) This disparity rings true not only in the general population, but among large corporations as well. Taking an organizational approach to blockchain adoption is extremely complex, and given a lack of basic understanding, corporations are likely to continue to seek expert consultants to guide them through this once-in-a-lifetime technological shift. BTA is addressing this need by offering curated, generalized and customized education and consulting resources to individuals and organizations — and now, to blockchain platforms themselves.

While cryptocurrency companies have seen a drastic decrease in market value in recent months, the blockchain industry has continued to expand, with new networks and technologies being released. Even with the recent “crypto winter,” the blockchain market is estimated to grow at a (source), one of the highest growth rates among all industries. While cryptocurrencies continue to control a significant portion of the blockchain conversation, they are one small piece of the blockchain ecosystem. Institutions, mutli-national corporations, and even state governments are examining the potential for decentralization, with applications in the areas of healthcare, banking, travel/tourism, manufacturing and supply chain, networking, and even identity and data management. With the opportunities created by the underlying technology behind the blockchain concept, companies that adapt it to each unique situation are creating the infrastructure the industry will need in order to advance.

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